My First Blog Post!

Welcome to my very first official blog!

The decision to start blogging followed the question “what can I give to others”? Though DSCN0204the field of mental health seems to be somewhat altruistic and giving, being persuaded by existential philosophy, I have always hoped to be able to somehow leave a mark, a legacy, of bettering at least my immediate environment (though when I was younger and more optimistic, I hoped to somehow affect the whole world). The idea behind this blog is to do that-induce and introduce positive, constructive, and comprehensive ideas, as well as to offers specific tools to those who need them.

Aside from offering ideas and commentaries on magazine, book, and news articles as pertinent to up to date information in this field, I will also share some of the tools that I have developed, and of course, focus on my favorite: exercise and traditional therapy!

This blog is for you if:

You want to improve your life and daily functioning

Are interested in a holistic approach to healing

Are affected by a mental health problem

Have someone you love struggling with a mental health problem

Or are simply interested in exercise physiology as well as psychology

Hence, I am offering this as a free and safe place for anyone who is interested in discussing the above topics. Welcome!

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