The legend says that it was Athena, goddess of wisdom, the wisest of Zeus’ daughters, who stuck a spear into the ground at the break of civilization, and that the spear turned into an olive tree.

It is said that olive trees can live for centuries. They stand as a symbol of wisdom and witnesses of eras gone by. Olive trees can survive wars, disasters, human negligence, and are still able to bear fruit. Like olive trees, people are also wise, capable of surviving hardships, and continue to be miraculously optimistic and possess a strong will to live, in spite of everything. There is an undenying connection between olive trees and people: both possess an element of light, resistance, peace, and an inner ability to heal.

Olive Tree Counseling operates with the understanding that people are complex beings; hence, looking at healing as a uni-layered process is considered to be false. In order to heal, gain control over one’s existence, & master techniques of self-soothing, it requires a person to examine the multiple layers of his or her life, past, present, and future. We will explore complex family dynamics, lessons learned, cognitions and behaviors repeated daily, and will turn into ourselves and nature for answers. Olive Tree Counseling utilizes a holistic approach in the treatment of psychological maladies.